Pero esto que esssss

Estoy escuchando killing joke, recortando a mano como 150 pegatinas caseras pesimas y con una sonrisa de oreja a oreja. Y calladucu, que si no luego se monta el pollo jajajaja

Uh… i honestly got no title for this… It started as a test sketch to draw on a set of weird paper i found but at the end it didn’t worked and finished the sketch improving as i was doing it.

Ink on sketch paper. 13,5x23 Ctms

Uh… usually i don’t do those tag challenges. Most of all because am not tagged and that but, oh well, Mumpitzhausen did it and i though “hey… why not…”
So here it is.
(Sorry for the “tag 10 people” joke. :D Since i don’t want people wanting to kill me i didn’t tagged :3)

If you manage to decipher my terrible handwriting it’s supossed i answered to that list:

1) Your name
2) Your blog URL
3) Your blog title
4) Your crush
5) Your favorite color
7) Your favorite band/artist
8) Your favorite number
9) Your favorite drink
10) Tag ten people

P.D. The pic is taken with my demonic phone camera. Haters gonna hate (i do hahaha, worst camera ever, i take better ones even with my home made pinholes :s)

Pajarracvm trinchatvm